Sugar Grove Go-Kart Track in Chicago Area

We have 2 Go-Kart Tracks

The Sugar Grove Speedway

1/4 mile (smooth concrete racing surface) road track.
Up to 16 go-karts can race at the same time. You must be nine years old and 54 inches (4’6″) tall to drive yourself. We have 2 seat go-karts for smaller kids to ride along with a parent.
We now have Rookie go-karts for kids 6 thru 9 years old. These go-karts are gas powered like the adult go-karts but only smaller. We race these on our smaller track. Kids only on that track. Contact us for Chicago go karts racing.
Go-Karts 10 Rides for $55.00

The Wrangler (Adult) Slick Track

Our slick track is Illinois 1st slick road course. This is a smooth concrete road course designed to let each go-kart drift through the turns.
Up to eight adults can race together. All races are timed. Drivers get race results after each race.
Great for team building and corporate lunch outings.
We host a race night every Wednesday night at 6:30pm starting May 15th – August 15th. Sign up now.
Go-Karts 10 Rides for $55.00


2 Outdoor Go-Kart Tracks
Go-Karts for Adults and Kids
We are open everyday thru October 31st.
Go-Karts 10 Rides for $55.00
2 Seat Go-Karts are great for future racers
Kids ride along for FREE
Head-to-head racing with 16 other Go-Karts