Sugar Grove Golf Center & Lighted Driving Range

We offer you the finest lighted outdoor driving range in the area to practice your swing, PGA-Certified instructors, golf clinics, golf club sales & repairs. Open till 11PM daily.

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Driving Range

Keep your swing in practice, or develop your golf swing on our huge driving range!

Not only do we provide the finest outdoor golf range in the area, but we also offer the best private golf instruction and golf clinics in the Chicagoland area at the Sugar Grove Golf Center. Golf lessons are available 7 days a week and until 11 pm by appointment.

Knowing how to swing the club is only part of keeping at the top of your golf game. Additionally, you must have a current and accurate knowledge of how far you hit the ball with each of your golf clubs.

At our golfing facility, distances are clearly marked, and there are several targets at which you can aim. Practicing and developing your accuracy makes for a better and more enjoyable game on the golf course.

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Golf Lessons

Private golf instruction and group golf clinics are yet another way we stand behind our mission to guide you on your way to becoming a better golfer and staying on top of your golf game!

Make an appointment with a Sugar Grove Golf Center golf instructor today, and get the golfing help to fine-tune your swing accuracy.

Lessons available 7 days a week and until 11 pm by appointment.

Remember, our prices are reasonable, private lessons & golf clinics are convenient, and
golf tips are FREE- you just have to ask!

CALL: 630-466-4554